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about us

Gaya American Dental is honored to introduce Dr. Redion Bejleri, DDS. As an esteemed holder of
an Italian (EU) license and diploma, he brings with him over twelve years of experience in
delivering high-quality patient care. Dr. Bejleri possesses an in-depth understanding of diverse
dental treatments and techniques. His professional demeanor, congenial personality, and the
innate ability to connect with his patients, set him apart in the dental field. He demonstrates
exceptional skills in dental surgeries and a broad range of general dentistry procedures. A
graduate of the University degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” in 2012, he specializes in Advanced
Oral Surgery, lmplantology, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Bejleri embarked on a successful career
and further honed his skills with a specialization in Odontology in 2020. Since then, he has
participated in numerous training programs and courses, primarily in Italy, focusing on
rehabilitation and management of oral tissues in patients with metabolic disorders. His career
spans across Albania, Italy, and Germany. Additionally, Dr. Redion holds a contract with the
NATO Veteran Evaluation Services (VES) Department.
Next, we proudly introduce Dr. Geri Jolldashi, DDS. He is a respected holder of an Italian (EU)
license and diploma, specializing in Oral Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, lmplantology, and
Prosthetics. Dr. Jolldashi’s six years of experience in these specialties of dentistry set him apart.
Having graduated as an Odontologist from the Universita degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, he
launched his career in 2017 and went on to earn his Masters in Science and a specialization as
an Oral Surgeon from the Universita degli Studi di Bari, Italy. His Western-based professional
experience has made him particularly adept at meeting the needs of both Italian and Western
patients. We selected Dr. Geri due to his precise, modern appro,ach to dentistry, which has
earned him the trust and recognition of both his Western and Albanian patients. He is wellknown for his rapid response and the attention he devotes to each case, regardless of its
We are equally thrilled to welcome Dr. Sergii Verenych, DDS, to our team. As our resident
foreign expert, he brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of dentistry. Dr. Verenych
serves as the primary surgeon for our rapidly growing Russian and Ukrainian speaking
communities. His specialty lies in Dental Surgery and Orthopedic Dentistry. His expertise is often
sought after in Russian-speaking countries where he assists dentists with specialized surgical
procedures. Professionals in the dental industry highly recommend Dr. Sergii for cosmetic and
surgical dentistry. Additionally, he has over a decade of expertise in Acupuncture and
Gaya American Dental is also delighted to present Dr. Lorela Moglica, a General Dentist – DMD.
Dr. Moglica is ambitious, inspiring, and-result-driven. Her passion extends beyond dental health
to encompass the overall wellbeing of her patients. A 2018 graduate from the University of
Medicine ofTirana, Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Moglica is known among our patients for her “soft
hand”, which helps in easing their dental anxieties. Her gentle approach and patience are
instrumental in managing severe cases of dental phobia, ensuring every patient feels at ease
during their visit.
Finally, we are proud to introduce Dr. Kejvin Kalo, a General Dentist – DMD. With over four years
of experience, Dr. Kalo is the embodiment of a serene, dependable, and multifaceted
professional. A 2018 graduate from the University of Medicine of Tirana, Faculty of Dentistry, he
is well-acknowledged by our patients for his ability to simplify even the most complex cases,
making them understandable for all. Besides dentistry, he has a background in journalism within
the radio and television industries in Albania. Dr. Kala’s diverse knowledge and familiarity with
both local and international patients make him an invaluable member of our team.

our mission

The commencement of the project is with a small dental clinic in the city of Elbasan, where we are now working with local dentists who understand the standards they must uphold, top-notch customer service, and the importance of scheduling to minimize loss of time. The second stage is the model location in Vlore where we can fully implement the ideas of our vision and practice of dealing with foreigners into action. After building the model we will then proceed to the third stage which will be to start the dental clinic chain by opening more locations around the country.

Along with everything we will also be organizing seminars, lectures, and courses with our foreign experts for all of Albania’s dentists, as we wish to advance the dental industry for the whole country and help as many professionals as we can along the way while we perfect every aspect of the dental and tourism industries in the country.

our vision

A clear vision combined with a strong passion led to the creation of a new wave in the dental industry of Albania with American standards and services. We proudly present Gaya American Dental as the vessel of this journey. We envision a project which will eventually open various dental clinics all over Albania. Geographically set up to service the whole country and tourists all around, this project will provide all dental related care and services at amazing prices for all. We aspire to open dental clinics offering American standard services in Albania without charging higher than market value for the Albanian people, considering the country’s economy and the peoples financial situation. Likewise, many foreigners will greatly benefit by the opportunity to save money due to far lower rates for the same procedures in their own countries. Our vision includes and emphasizes on the concept of dental tourism which is already a big generator of profit in Albania but not executed as efficiently as possible for foreign patients. Differently to the way it is currently being handled in Albania, and due to experienced American partners, we will be far more organized in scheduling and creating better touristic packages to go along with the dental care. The current system in Albania is mostly walk-ins; we believe an appointment system is important to develop for proper time management. The walk-in system may seem very old fashioned due to the country’s under-developed standards but it is a work in progress. As we speak because there are already some professionals in the country who are working hard to develop an appointment system. As Americans we come from a country which has perfected an appointment system and understand the importance of time management. We hope to be the pioneers of perfecting the appointment system in Albania, thus saving people time and money. As experienced Americans who are very knowledgeable about what tourists like to see and experience while they are in another country for vacation, we plan to profoundly elevate the current standards of Albania to help the local population understand the value of scheduling while at the same time being attractive to the foreigners who travel here for dental tourism. We will showcase the difference in service that can be provided to each patient, demonstrating the top-notch American customer service known worldwide. Our vision is to upgrade the dental care and services for the Albanian people to Western standards and invite foreigners to a nice vacation in the beautiful nature of Albania. Some of these gems with their breathtaking terrain include beaches as lovely as those in neighboring countries such as Greece, Italy or Croatia. We will be offering fully planned vacations for patients with the dental care applied into the schedule of their vacation packages. Once we are well situated in Albania, we plan to grow by branching out into the rest of the Balkans, eventually being all over the Balkan Region.


Commencing with a clinic in Vlore to be the model of the grand project by Gaya Dental, the Albanian dental clinics chain, our goal is to expand into more branches in different cities in Albania. After Vlore, the plan is to open the next location in Korçë, which will be for winter vacationing due to its mountainous terrains and in this way, we will have covered all year round in tourism to ensure growth of the project. Eventually our goal is having a wide coverage of the Albanian market for any and all dental care, basic or complex, and becoming one of the most attractive qualitative medical destinations for foreigners. This is an aim we set to effectively accomplish. Once we are well situated in Albania our goal is to expand into the whole Balkan region improving customer service where it is most needed while offering affordable prices for everyone, local or foreign.

Albanian patients and advancing the country’s dental industry are very important points for us, but optimizing dental tourism with top-notch efficiency, that is our GOAL!

Gaya American Dental presents our newest addition regarding implants, the finest of them all, an American creation, Ditron. Named as the smallest implant in the world, Ditron is same quality as other certified and very well-known as Straumann but more cost efficient.

The implant is suggested from our main surgeon Dr.Redi Bejleri as a revolution and an innovation in the world of dentistry and the reasons are listed below:

1. It is the first of its kind doctor-driven, and doctor-owned dental implant company.

Built with a world class Clinical Advisory Board of thought leaders, industry pioneers, and expert clinicians, and led by internationally renowned Oral Surgeon Dr. Ole T. Jensen DDS MS.

2. 50 Years of Excellence

Ditron is known for its global leader in the design and production of precision parts for the automotive and aerospace industries, where failure is not an option. And now this precision is available to dental implantology, delivering our clinicians the same confidence and consistently predictable results that NASA, Formula One, and other high performing industries have known for years. The proprietary state-of-the-art technology ensures micron-level accuracies are documented within zero PPM (zero defects per million parts).

Featuring MolecuLockTM technology, Reverse Concave Neck, and Double Stressless Sharp Threads.

4.Innovation for long-term success

The design is created based on the continues requests from the clinicians in order to achieve success.

5.Simple efficiency

The single 2.45mm platform reduces inventory and simplifies the process for everyone who will decide to use and work Ditron. Simplified system with minimal prosthetic inventory and instrumentation.

6. Practical solutions

Ditron patented surgical kits provide efficient, intuitive, and ergonomic design. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

7. Full-Arch

Comprehensive solutions for over denture or all-on-x cases.

8. Immediate Load

Unique design provides greater initial stability for various bone densities

9. Digital Workflow

Compatible with all major systems including 3Shape, and exocad

10. Anterior Aesthetics

Marginal bone preservation makes it easy to achieve superior outcomes.

11. Wide range of quality products to make the experience one of a kind:


The ULT™ Ultimate Precision Dental Implant System

Designed by implant pioneer Dr. Matteo Danza, the ULTTMPrecision Implant System is a 3rd generation internal hex design, incorporating several exclusive features such as the MolecuLockTM biomechanical implant-seal, and the patented Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) to preserve the soft tissue and crestal bone. The Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) increases the implant contact surface area to preserve marginal bone and soft-tissue. The design of RCN provides greater stability and improved distribution of the stress to the bone-implant interface.

11.2-The MPI™ Molecular Precision Dental Implant System

The biomechanical implant-abutment seal is designed to reduce micro-gaps to less than 0.5 microns.

The MolecuLockTM seal reduces the egress of bacteria, protecting crestal bone and soft-tissue from risks of peri-implantitis.

MolecuLockTM improves stability by reducing micromovements to further protect and enable successful osseointegration.

11.3-The OPI™ One-Piece Dental Implant System

The OPI™ One-Piece Dental Implant provides excellent initial stability. It is recommended for narrow ridges and tight interproximal spaces. OPI™ has an integral abutment designed for a one-stage surgical procedure and immediate load. The beveled collar promotes soft-tissue growth and helps to prevent bone resorption.

Integrated Restorative Abutment

Polished titanium abutment

Beveled collar generates a favorable environment for soft-tissue growth and bone preservation.

Optimal for immediate function.


Cement Restoration Abutments

Healing Abutments (Caps)

Overdenture Abutments

Screw-Retained Abutments

Temporary Abutments

Impression Copings & Analogs


Digital Analogs

Pre-Milled Ti-Blanks

Scan Body



Drill Stopper Tube™

Full Drill Stopper Kit

-Full Surgical Kit

-Mini-Surgical Kit

Surgical Tube™



Countersink Drills

-Drill Extender

Integral Stopper Drills

-Marking Drills

-Pilot Drills

Tissue Punches

Trephine Burs

-Twist Drills


Ditron Dental USA provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied instructions for use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.Ditron Dental USA provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied instructions for use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.

3. Revolutionary implant design and products

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