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How do we at Gaya American Dental cooperate with dental tourists?

We provide a step-by-step instruction on how to become one of our foreign patients. Whether you would like to visit Albania as a tourist for vacation along with dental treatments or if you would just like to have dental work done without the tourism, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Please follow these steps to get an online consultation and be provided with a diagnosis and treatment options free of charge. If you are interested in just visiting Albania for oral treatment and would like to plan your own vacation, that is an option, but if you would like us to plan a touristic package for you, that can also be done by prior request. If you request for us to plan your vacation, we will send you a questionnaire to understand your interests as we customize each person’s vacation plan and dental plan taking into consideration their interests and needs. In case you choose us to plan your vacation in Albania we will make sure to plan everything for you so that you can make the best out of your time. This includes where to stay, what to visit and when, along with transportation options and appointment times for the dental treatments will be planned ahead of time to make sure you enjoy your time in the country without the hassle of figuring out these little details in a foreign country. We are here to make your life easier and as comfortable as you wish, so please feel free to let us know to what extent you feel you need our help and we will do our best to accommodate your requests, making sure you have everything you need.

Step one:

Get a panorama x-ray taken in your country and ask for a digital copy to be emailed to you. Go to your local dentist and ask for a full consultation and a treatment plan listing everything you need to get done along with the prices in your country. Once you have the panorama and the treatment plan, please contact us via email mentioning your desire for dental treatment and any questions you may have. You must attach to the email your panorama and treatment plan from your local dentist.

Step two:

We will send some documents for you to fill out while we use the panorama to diagnose everything you may possibly need while considering your local doctor’s plan and send back an email with treatment plan options along with answers to all your questions. At this point it may be needed to deliver other forms of information, for example, in the case you need implants you will need to get a 3D scan to continue, and we may request that you take some photos of your teeth and send it to us. Depending on what we find in the panorama, we will guide you further with what is needed to complete your file. If a 3D scan is costly in your country, there is also the option to get it done here in Albania as soon as you arrive, which means actual treatment plans and prices will only be provided after the 3D is completed.

Step three:

We will get back to you via email with treatment options and prices. Normally, we give people two to three options depending on their case. We will suggest all possible options and give you a choice. This applies for dental treatments as well as for people who request us to organize their vacation packages. Dental treatment options will include, for example, most economic, middle class, and luxury solutions. Vacation packages will be of a similar structure, such as budget, middle class, or luxury package.

Step Four:

We offer a free video consultation to explain all details for dental treatment and tourism if requested to decide together how to proceed.

Step five:

Once you are clear in what your desire is, have picked your dental package along with tourism package if you’re interested in this option, we then proceed with making the appointments required to get you to us for the actual work. In this case we will discuss in details the “when and how” to realize the trip and help you with all aspects of the trip as requested. At last, when you are arrive in Albania, we will make sure we are available for any questions you may have throughout your trip’s duration, which means you will be assigned a contact person from our company who will answer questions for you while you are in the country. The contact person guidance is FREE of charge. We offer this as a service to all our clients, even if it is just for a dental package. You are free to ask questions about anything you feel you need help with while in the country, such as about the culture or the customs of the people, traditions, or whereabouts of locations and recommendations on where to visit.

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